Social Media Graphic Design

Social Media Graphic Design in Nottingham

Social Media Graphic Design in Nottingham

Businesses across every industry are beginning to adapt to the ways of social media. While the platforms provide a great communications tool for your business, they can only do this effectively with engaging content.

When we think of our own usage, rarely do we stop scrolling for posts with few visual aids. Rather, it’s those with creative graphics that grab our attention. And your audience are the same. 

Having spent years perfecting our graphic design skills, we now put them to good use by creating eye-catching graphics for businesses of all industries and sizes. 

What is social media graphic design?

Social media graphic design refers to the visual elements you see accompanying social media posts. This may be an infographic or a branded photograph, for example. But whatever it is, it needs to explain your post while also perfectly reflecting your business. 

In other words, it’s more than just a stock image with your logo on it. It’s the difference between a potential customer seeing, stopping and engaging with your content or someone scrolling, swiping or tapping right past it. 

How we can help

With knowledge of dimensions and requirements for posts, banners, stories and just about everything else, we will ensure your social media graphic designs can be shared in any form you see fit. This may include:

Instagram posts | Instagram stories | Instagram feed design | Twitter posts | Twitter banners | Facebook posts | Facebook banners | LinkedIn posts

When it comes to social media graphics, it’s vital that they align with your current branding, whether that be with fonts, colours or images. Therefore, we will begin any project with a solid understanding of your business, the brief and any brand guidelines, if available. 

From here, we will work with you to create engaging graphics that are guaranteed to help grow your following and expand your reach, all while enjoying countless double taps, retweets and shares.

The social media graphic design process

Depending on your specific design requirements, the process can take between 2 - 4 weeks. 

Discovery phase 

The process will begin with a branding questionnaire and optional consultation meeting, which can take place over the phone or Zoom. 

Next, you can expect to receive a quote and design contract via email, which will set out all the deliverables that have been agreed in our initial communications. If you are happy with what has been proposed, at this point, 50% of the design fee is required to be paid before any further work is completed. 

Design phase 

We will then use the answers provided in the branding questionnaire and consultation meeting, as well as market research to design your social media graphics. You’ll be given the opportunity to offer feedback on the initial concepts so we can work collaboratively to reach a final design that you are happy with. 


Upon completion, the remaining 50% of the design fee will need to be paid. 

Although there’s nothing we love more than a new, exciting brief that may prove to be a creative challenge, you can gauge a feel of our previous work by browsing through our portfolio

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