Business Logo Design in Nottingham

Say a lot in something very little with a creative business logo design. 

Your logo is a symbol for your business. It’s what customers, clients and contacts come to know you as and what you and your employees endorse and wear like a badge of honour.

Therefore, a logo must represent your business. It should be something memorable, unique, creative, and easy to comprehend.

In our years of experience in designing logos for small and large businesses, we’ve learned a thing or two. And now we offer our expertise through a bespoke logo design service that is entirely tailored to your needs. 

The power of a professional business logo 

A swoosh, three stripes or a half bitten apple. Need we say more? 

The power of a logo is unrivalled. It has the potential to become something iconic and over time, it could even be what adds value to your products. But before you reach that stage, careful consideration and creativity needs to go into developing a design that will stand the test of time. 

Therefore, it cannot be a rushed decision, and it certainly requires much more thought than simply printing your brand name in some fancy typography. 

Rather, you need to be happy with your logo design from the onset to avoid losing customers if you later decide to change it, as it’s through repeated exposure to the same message, or in this case, logo, that your brand leaves a lasting impression. 

And to gain that repeated exposure, just think of all the things your logo will be placed, printed or painted on. Websites, brochures, uniforms, stationery, business cards and so much more. 

Based in Nottingham, we have helped countless local and national brands to not only design professional looking logos, but to then support the development of branded materials and documents. For an idea of the breadth of our work, please feel free to browse our portfolio

The business logo design process 

Our business logo design process takes place over three simple steps. The duration of the entire process, from initial enquiry through to design and delivery can take between 2 - 6 weeks, depending on your individual requirements. A more accurate estimation will be provided once we have a better understanding of your brief. 

Discovery phase 

Once you have been in touch with us regarding your brief, we will ask you to complete a branding questionnaire. This will allow us to gauge a better understanding of your brand and business, which is vital for the design of your logo. We need to make sure that any designs we create perfectly reflect who you are and what you do.

At this point we can also discuss things beyond a logo design, and explain our additional branding and brand identity packages. If you are looking for something a little more custom, we can also develop a bespoke package for your requirements. 

You will also have the option of a consultation meeting, which we are happy to hold over the phone or on Zoom. 

After this, we will summarise all the information into a contract and produce a quote. If you are happy with what is set out, we require 50% of the agreed fee to be paid before any work commences. 

Design phase 

Now, this is where things get exciting! We will do some further research into the market and your competitors and use what we find to create some unique logo designs that will certainly help your business to stand out. 

Logo design projects mean so much more to us than just a one off piece of work. We would like to think that if you are happy with what we create, we will be laying the foundations for a long-standing relationship with your business. And the only way this can work successfully is through collaboration. 

Therefore, we welcome your feedback on our initial designs. After all, it is your business and it’s vital that you are happy with how it is being represented. Then, taking on board any comments, we will revise the designs until we reach one that not only perfectly fits your brand, but also showcases our quality of work. 

Delivery phase 

If it’s just a logo design you have requested, then we will simply send over the files for your artwork. 

But, if you have taken the opportunity to create or refresh your branded collateral, we will arrange the print and delivery of these, too. 

We do however require the remaining 50% of the balance to be paid before any artwork is sent to print. 

Bring your business to life with a creative logo design. To discuss your project requirements, get in touch with us today!