A unique way of adding some sophistication to your printed project

Foil printing is another favourite of mine, that’s a unique way of adding some sophistication to your printed project to make it look and feel more premium. There’s something so satisfying seeing your design come to life with this impressive print process.

What is Foil printing?

Foil printing is a printing process which uses heat, pressure on to a solid surface and metallic paper (foil) making it permanently stick. It is used to create different shiny designs, monograms, typography and graphics on various materials and is becoming a favourite method of printing in many industries. It comes in a wide selection of colours and finishes, with the popular being gold, silver, bronze and rose gold.

It can help your print projects a great deal making you stand out and look more prestigious. There have been studies that show that the more appealing something looks; the more likely consumers will pay attention. (and I’m defiantly a culprit of that, if something looks luxurious, is well made or designed, it gets my attention).

Where you might find or could use Foil printing?

There really aren’t any limitations when it comes to foil printing, it can be added to almost anything, from wedding stationery to business cards it instantly gives that impressive look. You may also find or could consider adding it to the following:

• Packaging: Boxes, stickers or labels. A great example if you haven’t already noticed is wine labels or an item that’s used daily, the well-known tea brand Twinings. So next time you’re in the supermarket take a look. 

• Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations invites: (Yes, I said Christmas, eek, we’ve not got past Halloween yet!! but as us graphic designers know we’ve already started creating Christmas items in the summer months for our client’s businesses so we are quite used to seeing Christmassy things)

• Business Stationery: You could add foil to envelopes, letterheads, folders, books, business cards and more.

• Promotional Materials: Have you thought about adding it to your marketing materials like brochures, catalogues, leaflets and booklets, it instantly makes them look more valuable and a lot more enticing to pick up and read.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts if you want people to engage with a product or add a bit of luxury, special finishes all contribute, and is a great way to get that WOW factor.

So, if you’re either looking to incorporate this on your business stationery, wedding stationery, packaging or would like to know what’s possible with foil printing I’m here to help, so please get in touch.

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